Sunday, 31 January 2010

Little Haulage! <3

Hey Lovely Peoples

So here are a few bits and bobs i have picked up over the week!

From Primark

Picture 209 

These lovely bracelets for £1.50!! I am keeping these for when i go on holiday to Egypt in April!

Also these cute lil ear rings for £2

Picture 210

From Boots

Rimmel’s Stay Matte concealer in Ivory!

Picture 220

Now as you maybe able to see but not very well as i have used this – in the middle of the product is a green colour, this will help to conceal any redness!

Product was on intro price of £4.99

Picture 221

Then My all time Coconut and Almond Hair Mask


Picture 217

From Superdrug

L’Oreal Perfect Clean

Picture 214 

This is also a new item i hadn't seen before – There were 3 types to choose from depending on your skin type – i picked this one because it looks like a good exfoliater!

In the middle of this in a little pad with bumps on it, this is to put the product on and use on the skin!

Picture 215

I am yet to try this but will review once tried

I cant find the receipt for this item but i think it was under £5.

Next item is Eyelure eye lashes!

Now i do get eyelash extensions so i don't really need these but they were on offer for £2.50 which is a mega bargin and i always like to have some lashes just in case my extensions need a boost or i tend to use lashes when i am on my last few days with the lash extensions!

These are the Volume plus ones too!

Picture 216

From Savers ( a cheapie chemist kinda of store )

Rescue Oil

Picture 218

I picked up the 75ml bottle of this for £2 i think which is much cheaper than the Bio Oil which i also have and will use still but i thought i would give this one a go as well and being £2 made it more of a reason to try out!

Jolen facial strip wax

Picture 219

These were only £1.50 and you get 16 mini wax strips

I got these mainly due the price but you never know when you might need a tiny wax strip, plus i hadn't seen any by this brand before!

From Tescos

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash

Picture 211

This item was on into offer in Tesco's for £4.99 – i have seen this in other shops for almost £7 which is a lot!

Picture 213

This also has on the top a brush for using on the face – i think from looking at it you twist the top and the product comes out and then you use the brush.

Review will come once i have tried this out!

All these products were brought by me and my hard earnt money!

Have you tried any of these?



  1. Nice blog. Great tips! I'm going to test some of these products too. I'm going to follow. Check out my blog when you get a chance as well.


  2. Woot. I have the same cute lil' disco ball earrings that you just got!!! Lol, nothing like shiny balls on your ears! :p

  3. Yessss, please do review the loreal and garnier stuff..I've never seen those around before and I'm rather curious!

  4. hey great haul cant wait to see your review on the garnier stuff thanks for following my blog btw, Im following your now too xoxo

  5. That exfo brusher wash thing looks kinda scary, LOL!

  6. We are such a fan of fake eye lashes! Keep up the good bloggin' work! :)


    the kissters