Sunday, 3 January 2010

Review – Champneys Vitamiracle Rejuvenating Hand And Nail Cream <3


So… Today i thought i would do a lil review on a product i received as part of a set for my birthday as part of a little set -

The Champneys Vitamiracle Rejuvenating Hand And Nail Cream!

Here i am holding the product lol!

Picture 192  

Below picture of packaging – A rich non greasey blend of vitamins oils and natural extracts to strengthen protect and repair tired hands. Softer smoother and younger looking hands.

Picture 193

Here is what the product looks like – it comes out in a creamy semi thick liquid.

Picture 197

The product is 100ml and a creamy goldish colour!

Picture 196

Here is the product and packaging – hehe along with my pink tree!!

Product claims - A rich, yet light and non-greasy treatment, designed to protect and soothe your hands and nails. Pro-vitamin B5 helps strengthen your nails while vitamins A and E have been blended together to nourish, regulate and protect your skin. Liquorice extracts soothes, while vitamin C has been added to help protect your skin against environmental damage and help reduce the appearance of age-spots. Hydrating sodium PCA locks moisture into your skin and UVA / UVB sunscreens protect your skin from premature signs of ageing. Hands and nails are left nourished, conditioned and protected.

This product alone retails for £8 on

Review -

I do really like this product – you really do only need a tiny drop of this product which i think will mean it will last a while too – Almost as soon as this product is on your hands it feels smooth and silky – the only  thing about this cream that i am not a big fan of is the scent – it has that typical beauty spa smell if you get me? Hard to explain – but if you did like the scent then this product is one that the scent lasts!

The product as long as you don't use to much doesn't take long to soak in to the hands! And it isn’t greasy at all.

I have been using this daily and some days only once and it still leave my hands feeling soft.

You do get a big tube of this cream so i feel that for £8 it would be worth it as a treat to hard working hands and would last you a long time due to only needing a tiny bit!

Even though the scent isn’t a favourite to me it leaves you feeling like your hands have been treated to a salon style hand treat!

Would i purchase this again? Well at the moment i don’t think i will be needing to due to the amount in the tube!

From looking on the Champneys website i can see this product has won a few awards in magazine and website polls!

Overall i did like this product and will continue to use!



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